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  • Ukoo Okoume OE 24-310 C-EQ Set


    ♪ – Ukoo Swiss 24″ Concert Ukulele Electric & Acoustic with EQ / Tuner /Preamp ♪ – Ukoo Deluxe Gig…

  • Ukoo Okoume 24-360 C-EQ Massive Top Set


    ♪ – Ukoo Swiss 24″ Concert Ukulele Electric & Acoustic with EQ / Tuner /Preamp ♪ – Massive Okoume Top…

  • Ukoo Koa 24-310 C-EQ Set


    ♪ – Ukoo Swiss 24″ Concert Ukulele Electric & Acoustic with EQ / Tuner /Preamp ♪ – Ukoo Deluxe Gig…

  • Ukoo Koa 24-360 C-EQ Massive Top Set


    ♪ – Ukoo Swiss 24″ Concert Ukulele Electric & Acoustic with EQ / Tuner /Preamp ♪ – Massive Koa Top…

  • Ukoo Mahogany MA 24-310 C-EQ Set


    ♪ – Ukoo Swiss 24″ Concert Ukulele Electric & Acoustic with EQ / Tuner /Preamp ♪ – Ukoo Deluxe Gig…

  • Ukoo Deluxe Gig Bag 24″


    Ukoo Deluxe 24″ Concert Ukulele Gig Bag Padding: Top, Back, Side, Bottom=18mm Additional bottom pad=12mm 1 x Handle, 2 x…

  • Ukoo Mahogany MA 24-360 C-EQ Massive Top


    ♪ – Ukoo Swiss 24″ Concert Ukulele Electric & Acoustic with EQ / Tuner /Preamp ♪ – Massive Mahogany Top…

  • Ukoo Mahogany MA 24-310 C Set


    ♪ – Ukoo Swiss 24″ Concert Acoustic Ukulele ♪ – Ukoo Deluxe Gig Bag ♪ – Extra Spare Set of…

  • Ukoo Mahogany MA 21-305 S Set


    ♪ – Ukoo Swiss 21″ Soprano Acoustic Ukulele ♪ – Ukoo 6mm Thick Padded Ukulele Case / Gig Bag ♪…

Welcome to Ukoo

Founded in Switzerland in 2018, Ukoo has now been on the market for three years with its instruments that score with sound, design and attention to detail. We are a small, community-oriented team and can draw on and benefit from years of experience in a variety of areas, be it engineering, top-class violin and ukulele making or the professional know-how of professional musicians. Ukoo’s strengths lie primarily in our passion for acoustics and our commitment to quality – each instrument is individually checked and set up before being shipped to our buyers from around the world. It was important to us to found a Swiss brand for ukuleles that sells high quality products at a low price and enables a high degree of authenticity in marketing and customer contact.

We sell a range of ukuleles and different sizes and styles from around 170 francs, such as a soprano model, 12 to 14 special designs, 8 to 10 concert models and 4 to 6 tenor models, all of which are developed in Switzerland. Thanks to our experience as a ukulele maker, we pay particular attention to high-quality workmanship, the best advice, quality service and a good experience in our online shop.

On our “Custom Order” page you can also order professional and amateur instruments with a large and high-quality selection of tonewoods.
Due to various individual improvements in our models – for example, sound moons, special woods for fingerboard and bridge, double bottom, sound bridge, optimal placement for the pre-amplifier, etc. – we offer you our instruments with a great sound effect. No other ukulele manufacturer can offer this in this price range.

Our goal is to bring the joy and fun of the ukulele – this small, portable and handy instrument – into the hearts of young and old. The sound of a ukulele always creates a special atmosphere. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, the ukulele is easy to learn and therefore suitable for both beginners and professionals who rely on high-quality instruments. If you are looking to buy a ukulele, you are in the best of hands with us.

The Ukoo team thanks you in advance for your trust and wishes you an unforgettable sound experience with your new ukulele!

Your Ukoo loves the details

A great detail of our ukuleles is a sound port. This is an extra hole in the ribs of the ukulele. This pierced hole provides more breadth in the sound and ensures a pleasant feeling when playing the instrument. The tone sounds freer and more sonorous. However, the correct size of the hole is of the utmost importance, because if it is too large, the sound of the tones becomes more diffuse. This manifests itself in a loss of definition in the heights. We determine the size and position of the sound port for optimal sound. Because the position of the hole also has an important influence on the way the sound is made.

By adding small moon-shaped sound ports, we achieve the perfect balance of depth, power and brilliance and can offer this to you in our range.

The wood is one of the key elements for sound. Due to its density, its weight and its elasticity, it itself determines a color for the sound.
We researched and experimented with many combinations to find optimal connections. We value koa because it is very traditional and classy. The mahogany is beautiful and also excellent for the tone.

Your Ukoo Loves The Details

A sound port is an added hole pierced in the ribs of a guitar or ukulele. This gives the sound much more breadth. A comfortable feeling that the instrument is freer and more sonorous.

However, if the hole is too big, you lose the definition in the treble and the sound is more diffuse. That’s why it’s so important to accurately determine their size.
The place where the hole is drilled is also very important for the way the sound is played around the instrument.

On our instruments we get a very good balance between depth, power and brilliance by adding two small moon-shaped sound ports.

The wood is one of the key elements for the sound. Because of its density, weight and elasticity, it determines in itself a color to the sound.

We researched and experimented with many combinations. We appreciate Koa because it’s very traditional and noble. The mahogany is beautifull and also excellent for tone.


A beautiful and complete ukulele, made of high quality wood and with a very original design (I loved the little moons!). It comes with built-in equalizer and tuner, case and strap. The sound is clear and with body. Super versatile for different occasions. I highly recomend it!
Yami Safdie

Beautiful !

This ukulele exceeded all my expectations!!! I am so excited to have picked one up at this low price before this company blows up. The ukulele has a gorgeous mahogany body with adorable moon sound ports and a cutaway design. Sound wise, it has a fantastic deep and rich sound without compromising its brightness. As if this ukulele alone was not the total package, it is not just acoustic but it can be electrified!!! Yes, acoustic/electric with a built in tuner, Aquila strings, extra Aquila strings and a nice gig bag. I only give it 5 Stars because that is the highest I can do. I absolutely love this ukulele and will be grabbing for my Ukoo on all my future gigs.
Maria Labate

This ukulele is the ultimative package

I've played with this uke for a couple weeks now acoustic and plugged in electric and it is so awesome. I played it at the pool with my amp and all the neighbors came to see if there was a party going on. It sounds great and looks amazing. Really unique moon shaped sound holes on the top side. All metal hardware and feels super sturdy. Stays in tune.Love the cutaway style. Came with a gig bag, nice Aquila replacement strings, batteries for the preamp, and a sweet, neutral colored strap. Really happy with the purchase! Highly recommend for beginners or giging musicians.
Lyla R. Moura

In love with this uke !


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