A new instrument
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A new instrument

In 1879 this four-string, exotic sounding instrument got its name in Hawaii. Ukulele means something like “bouncing flea”, which is supposed to give the impression of fingers moving quickly across the fingerboard. During the Pacific War, American soldiers brought the ukuleles to New Guinea. There they were among the few imported musical instruments and after 1945 enabled the formation of string bands. In England it became popular as an accompanying instrument for skiffle music. The instrument became better known through the Billy-Wilder film “Some like it hot”, in which Marylin Monroe plays a ukulele. The ukulele has been in Germany since the late 1990s.
Hardly any other musical instrument arouses more holiday feelings and a longing for sun, sand and palm trees in us than the ukulele. It is very easy to learn and that makes it the perfect entry-level tool. As a result, the ukulele has become a very popular and in great demand instrument in recent years. Thanks to many simple, original and inviting tools and exercise platforms, more and more people from all age categories are daring the adventure with this little companion that you can have with you anytime, anywhere.

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