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Founded in Switzerland in 2018 by Ioan Gramatic and Sylvain Rusticoni, Ukoo Switzerland has now been on the market for five years. Our instruments excel in sound, design, and above-average quality. We are a small team, but we benefit from years of experience in a large number of areas and the know-how of professional musicians. We are experts in engineering, skilled violin players, and ukulele makers.

The most important thing for us was to establish a Swiss brand, a ukulele shop, which sells high-quality products at a low price with a great accent on authenticity in marketing and customer service. Our mission is to bring the joy of the ukulele, this small, portable, and handy instrument, into the hearts of youth and elders while increasing the popularity of this Hawaiian instrument.

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Our Values

We take sound and acoustics very seriously. In our ukulele shop, you can find out every type of instrument you wish, whether it is soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone ukulele. You can also design your new instrument by yourself and choose among various accessories to be installed. Choose a unique combination of wood or add a pickup to the instrument.
We offer you great service, a good atmosphere and you can, of course, rely on comprehensive advice on your various options.

SWISS BRAND QUALITY - First-class in design and sound, our ukuleles come from a team of professional musicians, engineers, and makers with over 25 years of practical experience in the manufacture of exclusive stringed instruments.
BETTER DEVELOPED - We have invested hundreds of hours in acoustic tests and new developments for every model. We have optimized the wood, amplifier position, bridge, and balance to achieve a clear and powerful so und with every game.

UNIQUE SOUND – Optimized materials and construction, high-quality tonewood, moon-shaped soundholes, ideal EQ placement, several hundred hours of laboratory tests and analyzes delivered a deep, rich, powerful, but no less brilliant and clear sound.

FOR BEGINNERS AND PROFESSIONALS – Our concert ukuleles are for music enthusiasts, for perfectionists who value sound quality. Ideal for professional players, but just as easy to learn for ukulele beginners.

QUALITY PROCESSING – A beautiful body made of top-sounding woods in conjunction with die-cast chrome tuners and our unique sound ports give every Ukoo ukulele an elegant and distinctive look to complement its performance.

All Ukoo ukuleles are lovingly developed and optimized in Switzerland down to the smallest detail and impress with their individual charm and sound character. Designed with passion for musicians and everyone who wants to become one.

PERFECT FOR PROS - but also beginners and advanced ukulele players who value quality.

Sylvain Rusticoni

Ioan Gramatic

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