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Ukuleles have enjoyed increasing popularity in all age groups in recent years. The simple instrument is suitable for children who are feeling their way to the vibrating strings for the first time. Guitarists love them as a second instrument, as a traveling guitar or simply as a supplement to the guitar sound.

In addition to the classic ukulele, Ukoo now also sells Maccuco designs, each of which is a small work of art in its own right. The colorful and shape-happy paintwork offers the player a completely different closeness and joy to the instrument. Be it simple white and black motifs or abstract shapes in all colors of the rainbow. We offer you an incomparable selection with something for every taste. With your ukulele in maccuco design, your listeners will not only perk up their ears from now on, but also open their eyes wide and enjoy the lively image that immediately makes you want more.
You can now find the Maccuco that is right for you with Ukoo!

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