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At Ukoo, we have invested hundreds of hours in acoustic tests and new developments for each individual model in order to guarantee the best quality of our ukuleles. In addition, we have optimized the wood, amplifier position, bridge, and balance in order to achieve a clear and powerful sound with every game. This not only affects the sound but also the mood when playing.

Our concert ukuleles are a must for music enthusiasts and perfectionists who place great value on sound quality and insist on a high-quality instrument. Our large selection and the different models are ideal for professional players. However, ukulele beginners will also have fun with it because it is easy to learn to play and the sound of the instruments is definitely convincing.

A beautiful body made of the finest tonewood combined with die-cast chrome tuners and our unique sound ports gives every Ukoo ukulele an elegant and distinctive look to complement its performance. When you buy one of our ukuleles, you receive a musical instrument with perfect workmanship as well as an eye-catcher.

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Sound ports are powerful

A sound port is an added hole pierced in the ribs of a guitar or ukulele. This gives the sound much more breadth. A comfortable feeling that the instrument is freer and more sonorous.

However, if the hole is too big, you lose the definition in the treble and the sound is more diffuse. That's why it's so important to accurately determine their size. The place where the hole is drilled is also very important for the way the sound is played around the instrument.
Die Stelle, an der das Loch gebohrt wird, ist ebenfalls entscheidend für die Art und Weise, wie der Klang aus dem Instrument tritt.

On our instruments we get a very good balance between depth, power and brilliance by adding two small moon-shaped sound ports.

The wood makes the color

The wood is one of the key elements for the sound. Due to its density, weight and elasticity, it itself determines the color of the sound. We appreciate koa for its traditional and refined character. Mahogany offers beautiful wood structures and is also excellent in sound. Okoumé may be less classical, but it surprises with its tonal range and acoustic performance.

Optimization of all components

ukulele kaufen
ukulele kaufen

After many acoustic comparisons, it became apparent which length of bridge allowed the instrument to breathe better. Ultimately, the cut and composition of the bridge can influence a significant part of the sound.


Another major issue with electroacoustic instruments is the placement of the preamp. If you move an eraser of the same mass on the ribs of the instrument, you will notice that a few centimeters further to the left or right can greatly change the tuning.

ukulele for beginners, ukulele anfänger, beste ukulele, beste ukulele für anfänger

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