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Welcome to Ukoo Shop and congratulations! You have bought one of our instruments! We are convinced that an instrument should be more than just functional and playable. Most importantly, an instrument should be able to inspire people to keep learning and making music. Whether children or adults, beginners or advanced, our instruments are ideal for everyone with just some basic ukulele skills. The common chords are easy to learn and you’re good to go. The sound of our different models always creates a special atmosphere. Cover songs or be inspired to compose your own music.

Our Soprano is an entry-level model that already has a very large sound range. This type of instrument can be used by any beginner and can be called a basic ukulele as it does not require a lot of skill. The concert ukuleles are either acoustic or acoustic-electric models. We create high-quality instruments that are ready to enchant every listener tonally. As a manufacturer, we are pleased to be able to offer you unique ukuleles.

With our last built tenor models, we would like to take you to the next level by giving you some tips on different areas in the world of tenor ukuleles. Be it information about the batteries (2 x CR 2032), the tuning of your instrument, or the installation of the strap or the endpin: We are at your disposal for these questions on all models of the ukulele and their accessories and on many other topics to the side.

We wish you a lot of fun and success in the colorful world of the ukulele!

Thank you for choosing Ukoo! Here are some basic ukulele tips to get you started

Check the tightness of tuning machines

Your Ukoo is equipped with quality machine heads that allow precision tuning. The tightness of the nut must be checked to guarantee the stability of the tuning and of course, avoid unwanted noises.

You can use a 10 wrench or an “English” wrench. Avoid using pliers to avoid damaging the head. No need to tighten too hard, but it shouldn’t move.

Install the batteries

If your model is equipped with a preamp, you must install the batteries in the compartment at the bottom of the instrument near the jack. You will need 2x CR 2032 batteries (included).

This video shows you how to place them in the compartment.

Tune your instrument

With your ukoo, you either have a preamp equipped with a tuner, or an external tuner included in the set. Once the batteries are in place, these accessories greatly facilitate tuning.

The standard tuning of the soprano (21″), concert (24″) and tenor (26″) ukulele is :  A4 – E4 – C4 – G4

If desired, install the strap

Traditionally, the ukulele is played without a strap. This is why we don’t drill the holes in the instrument, because if the strap isn’t desired, then the holes aren’t either.

However, if you are a guitarist you may be used to playing with a strap for more stability. This is why we use special material so it is easier for you to install it:

  • Look about where we drilled the holes in the following pictures.
  • Drill two holes with a 2 mm drill, being careful to remain as perpendicular as possible to the surface of the instrument.
  • Screw the two buttons, and it’s done!

If you don’t have a drill or are not familiar with its use, ask for help from your friends, there is probably a handyman who will be delighted to do so. We are also happy to answer your questions.

We wish you a lot of fun and success in the colorful world of the ukulele!

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