Tenor Ukulele
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Tenor Ukulele

L'ukulele tenore è una versione popolare dell'ukulele tra i professionisti.

The G-C-E-A tuning is usually also used for the 4-string tenor ukulele. However, the strings on it sound much more voluminous and powerful than on their smaller sisters, the soprano and concert ukuleles.

There is also a model with six or eight strings of the tenor ukuleles, which opens up completely unexpected worlds of sound to the musician.

La diteggiatura è la stessa in quanto le corde aggiuntive non vengono diteggiate singolarmente, ma le corde esistenti vengono semplicemente raddoppiate, due per l'ukulele a 6 corde e tutte per l'ukulele a 8 corde.

The tenor ukulele with its length of 66-70cm is definitely a full-fledged musical instrument that should not be underestimated. It creates a strong atmosphere with its sound and serves you at all times with its special feeling and its pleasant playability.

As a manufacturer, Ukoo took a lot of time to research and experiment and to create an ideal and harmonious instrument. Ukuleles are among the easiest musical instruments to learn and are therefore particularly popular with beginners. The ukulele set we put together with extensive accessories covers all the needs of a professional musician and is also perfect for beginners.

With the Swiss Ukoo MA 26/310 C-EQ from Swiss Ukoo you can create an atmosphere anywhere and anytime that doesn’t detract from the Hawaiian feeling that this instrument conveys. Your Ukoo instrument can bring Hawaii home to you if you want! Regardless of whether you live out your musical passion on stage, on the beach – while others are dancing hula or surfing in the sea – or simply live it out in your own living room, the Tenor Ukulele from Swiss Ukoo is the perfect companion. In addition, the Hawaiian look creates inspiration for practicing, playing and creating. The shipment includes accessories, such as a nice bag or a useful shoulder strap, and makes the hearts of music lovers beat faster. The beautiful tenor model is always available in our online shop.

The electro-acoustic tenor ukulele offers a beautiful and elegant design, a great sound, and incomparable playability at a fair price. Their appealing appearance is only surpassed by the brilliant and powerful sound. The small, light body is perfect for playing around the campfire and when traveling. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, you will enjoy your Ukoo for a long time. You can put together your own tenor ukulele in our online shop. If you want, you have many options to choose from, whether striking or reduced in matt lacquer. Once the delivery has been made, you can find useful information on getting started on our “Get started” page, which will make things a lot easier for you at the beginning. But rest assured, learning to play is easy!

Here are some more detailed information and data on the models of our two ukulele sets:
Swiss Ukoo MA 26/310 C-EQ

  • 27 “electro-acoustic tenor ukulele with equalizer, tuner + preamplifier
  • Massive oukume neck
  • 15mm thick padded gig bag
  • Aquila replacement string set made of nylon
  • Ukulele shoulder strap

Swiss Ukoo MA 26/310 C-EQ – Technical data

  • 27 “electro-acoustic concert ukulele
  • Scale: 432 mm / 18 frets
  • Body: AAA mahogany
  • Neck: solid okoume
  • Tastiera: Techwood
  • Cutaway body with 5 lines of ABS binding
  • Matte finish
  • Bridge: Techwood, exclusive Swiss Ukoo design
  • Rosetta: 5 linee ABS
  • Head: Chrome-plated cast mechanisms
  • 3-band EQ controls: bass, middle, treble
  • Weight: 2000g (with box)
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